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A suitable product for every problem. Rubcoat B.V. specialises in the preservation, protection and treatment of composting tunnels and mushroom cultivation cells. We have over 30 years of experience in this specific field and are leaders in the various applied techniques. You can therefore be confident that we can provide a satisfactory solution for every problem.

Preservation, Protection

In the mushroom industry it is very important that the humidity and air conditions meet specific requirements. That is why Rubcoat B.V. uses its own vapor-proof and moisture-proof coating in compost tunnels and mushroom cells. We do this by using our own developed and TNO tested product: ‘Rubcoat’. This coating retains its elasticity, is resistant to high and low temperatures, contains no harmful substances and is mildew resistant. It is not without pride that we can mention that Rubcoat B.V. is responsible for the maintenance of composting companies CNC and Walkro and others in the Netherlands.

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Worldwide we have many composting companies and mushroom growers among our clients. Because of our knowledge and expertise, we are asked for advice about our product by companies that work in mushroom cultivation and composting. We offer you a specific solution for every climate room and for every application. Since we are very aware of the importance of a correct and efficient working method, we have committed ourselves for years to exclusively manufacturing high-quality products. Only the best is good enough. Rubcoat B.V. also works as a subcontractor for turn-key builders such as Christiaens Group, Limbraco and others.